Entryways are not always thought of while decorating, yet they can set the tone for your entire home. Not only is it a space to showcase your personal style, but also an opportunity for clever storage solutions and creating a welcoming atmosphere. We’ve listed 5 easy ways you can improve the entryway of your home, regardless of how much space you have to spare.

A feature table

Even when short on space you can still make the entryway a great focal point. Many houses enter into a narrow area and for that reason a variety of hallway tables exist. These are usually functional and skinny, while still being stylish. If you want to keep the space uncluttered and minimalist then having a table with a small bowl for placing items (like mail) can be a great idea.

Add some light

Lamps and candles are the perfect way to create soft ambience in an entryway. Candles can be especially useful as power points don’t always exist where we need them to, and long chords dangling away from tables rarely look attractive.

Give your keys a home

While a bowl can work well, having a visible home for keys is a great idea. A space on the wall means you’ll be reminded to hang them up every time you walk through the door. The variety of options available allow function to match beauty when choosing one to fit your personal taste.

Feature mirrors can add space and light

A feature mirror in an entryway can serve many purposes. They are great not only for last minute reflection checks, but also for creating light and space. In addition, some are closer to works of art than mirrors, so can add a lot more style than you might think.

A sneaky space for shoes

Plenty of entryway furniture offers concealed spaces. If you feel as though you are forever tripping over shoes, then creating a space that is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing can do wonders for your sanity. We love furniture that doesn’t even hint to what might be inside when it comes to shoe storage.

Keep it fresh

If you are someone who loves keeping seasonal flowers around the house, featuring them in your entryway is a great way to give your home an inviting feel as soon as the door is opened. Apart from the scent, flowers in general are a very nice way to be welcomed home (even if you’ve bought them for yourself!).

Feature your family

If you missed our article on gallery walls, we recommend you check it out. The entryway can be a great place to create a collage of your favourite family moments or works of art. If you want to keep the other areas of your house simplistic, then this can be the perfect spot to change that up without throwing off the balance in every other room.

We hope this article has inspired you to think about the spaces in your home that don’t always get the attention they deserve. The team at Classic Timber Furniture are always on hand to give you helpful tips or suggest great feature pieces for your home, so come past any time to have a chat.

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