Classic Timber is passionate about supporting local craftsmen, particularly when it means our customers can enjoy greater choice and special designs. Here are two of the most experienced and trusted Adelaide-based suppliers we’ve worked with for over 30 years.

Bielby’s Lounge Furniture

Lou and his team create gorgeous Sofas and Occasional chairs. (You may remember that Bielby’s made the news when their factory burned down in 2014. They have since rebuilt and gone on from strength to strength).

Many Classic Timber customers like to mix and match their fabrics and furniture styles. If you ask us for furniture that’s a special size or has design features that simply aren’t offered by mass-produced brands, then it’s often Lou’s team that we turn to – and they never disappoint.

Oakland Upholstery

Richard at Oakland Upholstery specialises in crafting lovely dining and occasional chairs. In addition to the quality of his designs, Richard can upholster chairs in just about any fabric that suits your taste and décor. For example, when you fall in love with one of our quality dining tables but want to make a special statement with your chairs, we’re confident Classic Timber can provide exactly what you want.

Dealing with local businesses who are just as committed to quality, design and service as Classic Timber means our customers benefit with from an amazing back-up service and can choose from many options and special designs.

So, for particular requirements or that unique piece for your home, come and chat with one our consultants. Turnaround times vary but you can expect your custom order delivered in 4-6 weeks, subject to the availability of your chosen fabric.

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  1. I have been looking and looking for a chest of drawers for my bedroom but I just can not find anything that is to the measurements that I require,

    I am after something that is 1350 in length, 40cm deep or less, require them to be very narrow and height of 120-140cm