The bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom. Lay back and relax in quality – in something that you love, that looks great, feels right, and you know you’ll feel that way for many years to come. Kimberly James searches the globe for fashionable beds across a variety of sizes and styles. Choose a bedhead that’s right for you – either contemporary, modern, classic, French Provincial or one that has a distressed look. Available in natural timber, lacquered timber, upholstery and more. And if you need a mattress, we can help with that too.

These are lovely beds, don’t you think?


Bedroom Suites

When it’s time to upgrade your entire bedroom Kimberly James has assembled a choice of inviting bedroom suites. If you are more adventurous, we could also help you mix and match bedroom furniture and different accessories to create a cosy ambience that’s tailored to your unique taste.

Would a bedroom suite like one of these create the mood you want?


Bedside Tables

Where do you rest that coffee cup, store those knick-knacks or position that reading lamp? Do your bedside tables match your bed and your other bedroom furniture? What is the perfect height compared to your bed, that will also give you the amount of storage you need? These were the questions that the Kimberly James buying team asked before choosing the lovely bedside tables you’ll find in our stores.

Find your matching bedside table


Dressing Tables 

What style dressing table matches your bedroom décor and lets you powder your nose or adjust that tie before heading out the door? Chestnut or distressed pine? Maybe you prefer French chic? Kimberly James stocks only classy dressers in a variety of shapes, finishes and sizes.

Dressing tables worthy of your gaze



Mirror mirror on the wall…or to make a dresser, or perhaps in full length? Kimberly James offers feature mirrors you could use to make a table into a dresser, or create a sense of extra space and light. Then there are those that will help you reveal what that full clothing outfit really looks like when it’s on you, before you decide to keep it.

Could you see yourself in one of these mirrors?



 Not every home suits a built-in wardrobe, or that’s what our customers keep telling us – we sell so many stand-alone wardrobes. Is this why our wardrobe range is so darn popular?

Tell us if one of these lovely wardrobes would suit your bedroom?



Tallboys are the ‘little brother’ to our wardrobe range. If your clothes are crying out for more space and you need something that fits and complements everything else in the bedroom, then we have Tallboys that will do the job splendidly.

Take a peek at our tallboys



Sick of stuff everywhere? Ever thought of a chest? That’s right, you can store stuff in them, use them for seating or decorate tone as a feature piece.

Learn more about our practical and good-looking storage



If your bedroom furniture is lovely but the room still lacks that something, then dress it up a little. Accent your personality with either soft furnishings, a rug or two, something to dress up that blank wall or maybe a faux plant will add the finishing touch.

Put your personality into your bedroom with some refined homewares


Kimberly James offers a home delivery service Australia-wide. We also offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy to help you choose the perfect look for your home.