It’s time to brush off neglected outdoor furniture and evict the spiders, the warm months have arrived. However, there’s more to creating an inviting outdoor space than just the furniture. These are some of our best tips for getting your outdoor space guest ready and (most importantly!) creating a comfy spot that you can enjoy.

Chase The Perfect Space

Just because furniture is sitting outside, doesn’t mean it warrants any less planning than an indoor space. There are normally a range of ways furniture can be maneuvered to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. When looking at the space you have to work with, decide how many people you’d like it to fit and go from there. Outdoor rugs, lanterns, mini BBQ’s, and outdoor cushions are all ways you can throw a bit more creativity into a space that’s often an afterthought.

Colour Everywhere

There’s something about many outdoor furniture pieces that is extremely neutral, and perhaps because of this the amount of colour found indoors is often not considered for the outdoor area. Just because the furniture itself comes in a plain colour doesn’t mean it can’t be dressed up. Outdoor carpets, cushions, and even large shade clothes or umbrellas can work in favour of creating a space that will impress people to the same degree as carefully put together indoor rooms.

Comfort For All

The type of furniture options available for the outdoor spaces are varied, and don’t need to be limited to outdoor dining sets. There are a range of comfortable options that work better for chatting with friends over a coffee, and bring the comfort of an indoor lounge room to an outdoor space, with the added bonus of fresh air and sunshine.

Outdoor dinner settings? If the furniture does not come with cushions then consider investing. If you’re looking for understated rather than popping with colour, there are a range of dark tones that will easily blend in with the furniture’s natural style while making everything a bit more interesting. They won’t distract the eyes, and we can guarantee’s your guests bottoms will thank you for them. Additionally, you’re more likely to use the space when home alone if you associate it with being highly comfortable.

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