What we love now and what’s trending

The range of decorating style trends for 2015 is more diverse than it has been for many years. Classic Timber Furniture receives on-going advice from suppliers to complement our own research to bring you fresh decorating ideas to complement traditional favourites.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll see during 2015.

Trending Colours

Turquoise, a lovely blend of blue and green, is the standout colour to embrace this summer. It is known to evoke feelings that are feminine, calming, refreshing and serene. In many cultures it is also associated with the qualities of good fortune, love, joy, patience, intuition and loyalty.

Turquoise can come in different shades such as teal, ultra-marine, aqua and aqua marine. Lighter shades of turquoise are used for a more feminine feel while darker shades work well in more sophisticated colour schemes such as seen in the Nordic Oslo range (below).

When used as an accent colour in an interior space turquoise can create a peaceful, harmonious yet energising atmosphere. Repeat turquoise in several places for a balanced look using accent fabrics, cushions, a vase or artwork.

When it makes an outside appearance turquoise is reminiscent of a clean blue ocean. If you have the use of a pool this summer splashes of this colour can reflect and enhance the calming aqua hues of water.

Turquoise can look stunning when used with complementary colours such as bright orange red or fresh and vibrant when combined with white. For a joyful & happy feel use turquoise with a sunny ‘pop’ of yellow. Just gorgeous in a child’s bedroom.

We assembled some lovely collections for summer that are sprinkled with turquoise. Begin exploring by visiting one of our stores and asking one of our consultants to direct you to the Rapee (brand) collection or to gather together some pieces to help you visual the effect this colour could have in your home.

Other colours you can use with confidence in 2015 include (true) blue; grey as a perfect base for delicate pastels; and warm earthy colours of rust, olive and aubergine used with a splash of bright colour or fresh, cool white.

Popular Textures

Textures inspired by nature are in. Think coral, raw woven natural fibres, wood and stone with metal accents of copper, gold, bronze and platinum. Materials and finishes will be simply incorporated into designs to look authentic and show off their natural beauty.

Use Photographic Images to Express Your Personality

Social media and information technology is influencing the way that we live and appreciate objects around us. Photographic images and images that have been manipulated with a soft, nostalgic dream-like quality will be seen in wall art, soft furnishings and accessories. We particularly like the nostalgic family-feel you can create using this style, particularly in the monochromatic tones.

Matte Finishes Create Balance and Form

The popularity of matte finishes is growing in modern décor at the expense of bright and shiny looks. We like the way a matte finish gives an object a raw, edgy look. It also allows you to appreciate the overall form and material of an item.

Is we have missed a trend or look that you believe should be in our range for 2015 please let us know in the comments section below.

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