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Things to consider when buying a display case:

Number of shelves

Depending on what you are storing in your display cabinet you may need a different number of shelves. More importantly the spacing of the shelves may play a role in what you can actually fit in your cabinet. Many of our glass door cabinets come with adjustable shelves so you can set them at the perfect height to show off your belongings. This is usually as simple as removing the shelf pins and shifting the shelf up or down. If you book your display case to be delivered via our professional delivery service our drivers will be happy to assist you in getting your shelves to the height that you require.

Glass, mirror or timber back

Timber display cabinets generally come with either a timber back panel, a see through glass back, or a reflective mirror at the back of the unit. Generally timber back units are more enclosed and private, designed to better blend with other furniture in the room, whereas mirror or glass tends to give the unit a very open feel, allowing you to see everything kept inside.

Enclosed or glass sides

As mentioned above a display cabinet can be slightly more private or entirely open depending on its design. If you would prefer your items to be viewed only from a front on view then perhaps a timber display cabinet is for you, if you want the display case to be the centre of attention in your living room then a glass side cabinet might be more your style.

How does it open?

The style of door will change the way your display cabinet opens. This is particularly important if you are putting it in a tight space in your home. Forward opening hinged doors are certainly common but we also offer a range of glass display cases with two way sliding front doors to maximise the display area of the unit. If you are wanting a display cabinet for the corner of your room, don’t worry we have you covered with a great rang of corner display cabinets also available.


If you really want to have your treasures on display why not illuminate them? Several of our glass display cabinets come with in-built lighting to make sure everyone can see what is inside no matter what time of day or night.