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Timber furniture pieces are popular because of their classic style, timeless beauty and longevity. Coming in many different styles, from traditional to contemporary, timber furniture can last for years – but it is important you know how to clean and maintain your furniture. Different types of wood, demand different types of care and attention and if it you’ve spent your hard earned money on beautiful timber furniture, it is worth spending a little time keeping it clean.


Here are a few simple, cost effective tips on how to clean timber furniture.


Coconut Oil


Refinish it with coconut oil, it rehydrates the timber furniture, brings out its natural colour and gets rid of the musty smell.


Getting rid of mouldy smell


To remove the mouldy smell from a drawer or cabinet, fill a small plastic container with white vinegar; seal and prick holes in the lid and put it inside for a night to absorb the odour. You can also clean the interiors by damping a cloth with vinegar.


Olive oil and lemon juice


Here’s a DIY furniture polish – mix one cup of olive oil and half cup of lemon juice (or vinegar) then apply to wood using a cloth.


For oil finished timber furniture


Never use wax on oil finished furniture; it obstructs the wood’s pores causing it to be brittle. If you have watermarks from drinking glasses, try rubbing them with toothpaste. Be cautious not to rub for too long though, as the toothpaste may eventually wear away the finish and top layer of the wood.


For painted wood furniture


If you feel you must use wax, use a hard paste wax once a year. You can also clean painted furniture with a brush or wipe with a sponge to remove finger marks. Mayonnaise can be used to remove water marks or crayon marks – let it sit on the mark for around an hour then wipe off with a cloth and polish.


With some basic care your solid timber furniture can last for years and stay as beautiful as the day you bought it. Have you tried these yet?

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