Vodka makes delicious mixes that can really get a party going. Did you know the spirit also lends itself to interesting infusions? Here is a basic infusion recipe so you can start creating irresistible concoctions of your own.

1. Use a pitcher to combine 1 x 750-ml bottles of vodka and your flavouring; steep as directed below.
2. To decant, use a funnel to divide the finished vodka into a 750-ml bottle, then seal.
Hibiscus-Infused Vodka
8 pure hibiscus tea bags
750 ml of your favourite vodka
Steep hibiscus tea bags, tags removed, in vodka for 4 hours; strain, then decant.
Cucumber-Lime Infused Vodka
Seedless English cucumber
Peel of 1 lime
Peel cucumber
Refrigerate peel, and slice cucumber into 6 mm-thick rounds
Cut the lime peel into strips.
Add cucumber rounds and lime peel to vodka; steep for 24 hours
Strain, then decant
Add 3 or 4 pieces of cucumber peel to each bottle before corking.
Horseradish-Infused Vodka
250 grams fresh horseradish root
2 tsp. whole black peppercorns
30 grams fresh horseradish root
Slice 500 grams horseradish root into 6mm-thick rounds
Add horseradish rounds and 2 teaspoons whole black peppercorns to vodka
Steep for 24 hours
Strain, then decant
Slice remaining 1 ounce horseradish into matchsticks
Add 5 or 6 matchsticks and 3 or 4 peppercorns to each bottle before corking.
Please drink responsibly this Summer!

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