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If you have a small living space and are wondering if you’ll ever get your furniture to fit your home in an orderly fashion there are various things that can be done to effectively use compact areas.


Consider these furniture ideas and tips when furnishing your space:


Maximising your storage space


For book lovers, bookshelves eat huge amounts of space. As such consider buying furniture that will reach the ceiling – more shelves maximises your storage space while decreasing the floor space consumed.


Use glass furniture


To create the illusion of space, consider buying glass tables, cabinets, mirrors or couches with lower legs.



Bella Classic Display Cabinet


Rollaway furniture


When you’re organizing small spaces, consider buying a wheeled kitchen cart as this can give you a workspace in the living room and extra counter space in the kitchen when you need it. At Classic Timber we also offer a range of wheeled chopping blocks, perfect for opening up your kitchen area when required.


Sofa beds


Sofa beds are a great space saver and at Classic Timber they’re comfortable too! Using fold out couches you can easily convert your lounge room into a guest room when having family or friends over for the night.


Light colours


Light coloured furniture helps enlarge your small spaces as it occupies less visual weight and helps to make your room seem larger.


It is important to choose furniture that fits the space you’re decorating. At Classic Timber we are happy to lend you measuring tapes and help find the right piece for your home. Don’t forget to measure your space and furniture to avoid disappointment at a later date!

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