Comfort is important for your home office, especially if you’re going to be working there every day. Having a comfortably padded office chair with support is a must to prevent soreness, and your desk should be the right height to prevent shoulder or wrist cramps when typing.

Choosing the right office furniture can also enhance your productivity. Think about what you will be doing every day and what you want to get out of your home office. Will you need a large desk to fit multiple computers, or will you need a good-looking bookcase behind you to impress clients on a video call? You should also consider the height and size of your furniture to make your home office feel spacious and allow natural light to come in through your windows.

Arranging your office for convenience will also have positive effect on your work and help you stay organised. Filing cabinets and bookcases you may need to access regularly should be placed within arm’s reach of your desk. Consider your available power points, lighting, potential distractions and noise when arranging your home office.

Kimberly James Furniture can help you choose the right furniture, and we have a wide range of styles from sophisticated to simple, classic to modern. Visit one of our Adelaide furniture stores to get professional assistance, or browse our range online and give us a call.


Office Chairs
Your office chair needs to look professional, but above all it should be comfortable to keep you at your best when working. Kimberly James Furniture has a range of stylish yet comfortable home office chairs including leather and fabric. The style of your chair should fit the rest of the room and height of your chair should fit with your desk for comfortable typing and studying.

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Office Desks
Your desk is critical to your working space, and in particular keep in mind how large it will need to be to fit your activities. Think about the room you’ll needed for computers or laptops, books, file trays, and space for writing and drawing. The height of the office desk should be suitable for you and your chair. Your office desk is also often the piece of furniture your business visitors will see the most, so it should be stylish and attractive, reflecting your professionalism. Kimberly James Furniture offers a range of home office desks to suit your working and aesthetic needs. This includes computer desks, printer stands, studio office suites, studio desks and sideboards.

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Kimberly James Furniture has a range of bookcases, storage units, display cabinets, studio office suites, ladder storage and shelf units to help organise your home offie. We have a range of shapes and shelf configurations to suit your needs. Bookcases will help you to utilise your home office space more effectively and keep your books and tools organised to find easily, and stylish, elegant bookcases will make a room feel professional. Consider the height and space of your home office before choosing a bookcase and make sure that windows will not be blocked.

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Filing Cabinets
Filing cabinets are a functional necessity to make the most of your available space and keep your home office neat and tidy. Kimberly James Furniture has a selection of filing cabinets of different designs, shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Often a filing cabinet with more drawers will take up more space. When considering a filing cabinet, handle shape and wood stain colour will impact the look you want to achieve.

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Kimberly James offers a home delivery service Australia-wide. We also offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy to help you choose the perfect look for your home.