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In order to ensure your leather furniture lasts within your home it is important to take certain care and maintenance measures. Caring for your leather furniture will prolong its lifetime and keep it looking radiant and appealing for many years to come. Leather furniture tends to last much longer than its fabric counterparts and its aesthetic appeal cannot only be maintained, but even improve over time. Leather furniture is a great investment and by taking a few simple and easy steps you can go a long way towards protecting it.


Here are a few tips on maintaining leather furniture:




When trying to remove stubborn stains it is best to avoid most of your average household cleaning products. Detergents, bleach, window cleaners and other corrosive materials are likely to do more harm than good. Try using a proper leather shampoo or cleaner which is specially designed for use on such materials. We have a range of such suitable cleaning products available in-store. For grease stains, blot excess with a clean dry cloth. The spot should gradually disappear into the leather. If you have a particularly persistent stain it may be best to seek the help of a professional leather specialist to avoid inadvertently causing damage to the leather itself.




Regularly dusting leather furniture is one of the easiest things you can do to keep it looking sharp. Large furniture dusters make it easy to clean even hard to reach spots. Dusting will help to stop the leather from developing a dingy appearance by preventing dirt from being worked into the creases. Occasionally vacuuming your furniture is also advisable in order to remove dirt, crumbs and other debris from the crevices within your lounge or sofa. You should consider giving your furniture a quick vacuum whenever you vacuum your floors. Remember, a little effort on your part can go a long way.




For spills, immediately use a dry cloth on the affected area and then let it air-dry. Some spills may be more serious to clean up, liquids such as urine, blood, ink, wax, or grease require immediate attention. When removing such spills, leather cleaners should be applied as soon as possible. It is important to blot instead of wiping as you want to remove the stain without spreading it.




Like timber furniture, leather can fade, stiffen and crack when exposed to sources of heat. As such, avoid placing your furniture in close proximity to fireplaces, radiators, heating vents or in direct sunlight. Leather is likely to weaken and fade from overexposure to such things, particularly under direct sunlight. To prevent your furniture from drying out and cracking it is important to apply leather conditioner or moisturiser every couple of months.


Sharp Objects


Take extra care with sharp instruments and animal claws. While leather is much stronger than fabric upholstery it will still puncture with force, and repairing such damages can be difficult and costly.


With proper care and maintenance you should find that your leather furniture lasts for a very long time and develops character over the years. Though it’s known for durability, this type of furniture should still be treated with care. General wear and wrinkles tend to create a distinguished look to a piece of furniture, but large scratches and tears in the leather can be an eyesore.


Regardless of the style, leather furniture requires regular maintenance to look its best. Prized for its quality and durability, leather furniture can add an air of sophistication and class to any home.

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