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An extremely popular timber in furniture construction, oak is highly regarded due to its exceptional natural beauty, durability and longevity. If you properly look after your oak furniture it should last a lifetime. We at Classic Timber wanted to share some tips on oak furniture care and maintenance. Let’s take a look at the basics:


Tip #1


Sunlight is one natural factor that may affect your oak furniture. Be aware that direct sunlight may fade the natural colour of your furniture and extreme heat from the sun can eventually dry your furniture out causing it to crack and/or split.


It is also important to keep oak furniture away from radiators and other heating devices which may cause similar damage. Remember that wood expands and contracts in accordance with temperatures, so try not to expose your oak dining table to extreme temperatures or excessive humidity.


If cracks do occur, Classic Timber offers a range of natural waxes which can be purchased to fill in the openings and avoid further damage due to moisture penetrating the wood. Classic Timber has a wide selection of solid wood furniture, ranging from solid pine to oak, which feature high quality lacquered and oiled finishes, sealing and protecting the wood from moisture and dirt.


Tip #2


Oak is a natural material and should be treated as such. When maintaining your furniture it is best to use all natural, oil-based cleansers or simply wipe down your furniture with a soft cloth dampened in linseed oil.


Tip #3


Never wipe oak furniture with an overly wet cloth as this may remove the protective oils from the table and may leave surface marks. Instead, soak up spillages with a dry cloth and gently dab the area with a damp cloth to try and remove as much liquid as possible. Ensure the surface is dry after the cleaning process to avoid unwanted water marks.


Tip #4


In the case of waxed furniture, application of the proper coloured wax once or twice a year will enhance its sheen and stop the timber furniture drying out.


Tip #5


Dust your furniture frequently using a clean, soft cloth. When cleaning or dusting always clean with the grain of the wood in order to avoid scratches. Remember to take extra care to lift objects off of your furniture and never to drag or slide them across the timber’s surface.


With the help of these tips we hope your oak furniture will last you many years to come. If we can be of any further help advising you on furniture care, or if you are looking for the perfect furniture to complete your home please don’t hesitate to contact us at (08) 8293 8966.

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