Adelaide-based Custom-Made Furniture

Classic Timber is passionate about supporting local craftsmen, particularly when it means our customers can enjoy greater choice and special designs. Here are two of the most experienced and trusted Adelaide-based suppliers we’ve worked with for over 30 years.

7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Entryway

Entryways are not always thought of while decorating, yet they can set the tone for your entire home. Not only is it a space to showcase your personal style, but also an opportunity for clever storage solutions and creating a welcoming atmosphere. We’ve listed 5 easy ways you can improve the entryway of your home, … Continued

Create the Perfect Outdoor Space

It’s time to brush off neglected outdoor furniture and evict the spiders, the warm months have arrived. However, there’s more to creating an inviting outdoor space than just the furniture. These are some of our best tips for getting your outdoor space guest ready and (most importantly!) creating a comfy spot that you can enjoy.

Tips for Spring Cleaning

With the warmer weather starting to coax us outside, it’s the perfect opportunity to get the inside of the house organised and clean. The spring and summer months lead to a lot more going on – entertaining friends and family, nipping in and out on way to something fun, and generally a more active lifestyle. … Continued

Creating a Gallery Wall

If Pinterest (the interior designs mecca of ideas) is anything to go by, gallery walls are receiving a lot of love. Creating a gallery wall allows you to showcase a number of your favourite artistic pieces, rather than only having to choose one or two when decorating a space.

Choose The Oak That’s Right for You

For good reason oak is a popular furniture choice, it is easy to maintain, a strong and durable material, and can be versatile in style; providing looks that range from classically aesthetic to contemporarily edgy. This low maintenance and attractive material is used to create beds, nightstands, coffee tablets, dresser’s and many other types of … Continued

Styling Your Bedside Table

A bedside can offer more than a place for your lamp to sit, it can be used for practical storage, a spot to place family photos, a good book, or fresh flowers. It can also lift a room, make it feel welcoming and warm. We’ve put together some tips to help you get the most … Continued

Decorating Trends for 2015

What we love now and what’s trending The range of decorating style trends for 2015 is more diverse than it has been for many years. Classic Timber Furniture receives on-going advice from suppliers to complement our own research to bring you fresh decorating ideas to complement traditional favourites. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll see … Continued

A Proud SA Family Business

Dedicated to customer satisfaction A secret to Classic Timber’s 30 years of successful trading has been the enduring core value of the business’ founders, David and Jill Gronow, which is to “treat people as you would like to be treated”.

Christmas Decorating

Our tips to creating the perfect table setting Christmas lunch is often the crescendo of the chaotic silly season. At our house we start by opening presents then sit down to a light breakfast of seasonal summer fruits, croissants with jam and freshly brewed coffee. Before-you-know it the family are due. Lucky most of the … Continued