Painting Your Furniture in 5 Easy Steps

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Instead of throwing out your old timber furniture when the paint starts to fade, we have a more frugal option. While painting your furniture may sound complicated and time consuming, it’s actually not that difficult. With the right equipment and a little know how you can transform your old furniture into something new and exciting. … Continued

How to Make Your Leather Furniture Last

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In order to ensure your leather furniture lasts within your home it is important to take certain care and maintenance measures. Caring for your leather furniture will prolong its lifetime and keep it looking radiant and appealing for many years to come. Leather furniture tends to last much longer than its fabric counterparts and its … Continued

Classic Timber Furniture’s New Website

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We are very excited to finally launch our new Classic Timber Furniture website – you’ll see that we’ve really spruced things up online with a dramatic change to style and design. Our site has gone through an extensive re-branding process – with huge improvements made to the colour scheme and overall user-friendliness.

Oak Furniture Care and Maintenance

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An extremely popular timber in furniture construction, oak is highly regarded due to its exceptional natural beauty, durability and longevity. If you properly look after your oak furniture it should last a lifetime. We at Classic Timber wanted to share some tips on oak furniture care and maintenance. Let’s take a look at the basics:

Simple and Effective Guidelines to Buying Furniture

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Choosing the right furniture is one of the most important elements you’ll consider when turning your house into a home. Furniture has the potential to create a welcoming and cozy ambience, a comfortable place to rest, a vibrant setting to entertain guests, an appetizing environment for dining, or a professional and practical home office space … Continued

Easiest Ways to Clean your Timber Furniture Found in your Home

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Timber furniture pieces are popular because of their classic style, timeless beauty and longevity. Coming in many different styles, from traditional to contemporary, timber furniture can last for years – but it is important you know how to clean and maintain your furniture. Different types of wood, demand different types of care and attention and … Continued