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Choosing the right furniture is one of the most important elements you’ll consider when turning your house into a home. Furniture has the potential to create a welcoming and cozy ambience, a comfortable place to rest, a vibrant setting to entertain guests, an appetizing environment for dining, or a professional and practical home office space for your work/study. It is very important to consider your needs and lifestyle before you buy your furniture.


There are an array of important aspects you should to consider before buying furniture, including: design and style, functionality and ease of use, durability, available space and, of course, your budget.


When buying quality timber furniture:


Timber furniture can add warmth, elegance and functionality to any space. It can come in a multitude of different styles, but quality matters.


When buying solid timber furniture there are certain signs that will help you determine the quality of the product.


Ensure you check its durability (ask for information on the type of timber) and whether or not the doors or drawers are well aligned – it should open and shut smoothly.


To establish if the finish is top quality try running your hand over it to feel for any blots or blemishes. It should feel smooth and consistent.


Most timber furniture will come with its own unique grain, markings and texture but even distressed furniture should be free of rough patches.


Quality matters


When you buy furniture, material grade and quality construction are of the utmost importance. As with most things price is often indicative of quality in both design and timber. At Classic Timber we strive to bring you quality furniture at affordable prices.


As you explore our ranges further you will find a vast array of different timbers and designs but with all our furniture we place great importance on quality – from high grade materials to top notch construction.


Quality furniture is longer lasting and ought to serve you and your home for years to come.


Quality also determines the level of comfort you can expect. Make sure you know what you are looking for so you can buy the best furniture at surprisingly affordable prices and avoid the hassle of replacing it too soon.

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