Attention to detail when decorating your dining table can make all the difference whether you are dining inside or alfresco. It doesn’t need to be complicated and keeping it simple will create a relaxed, comfortable mood for your guests.

To create a relaxed and casual mood try using a table runner down the centre of your table or placemats instead of a table cloth. Remember to contrast your napery with the material of your table. For example, if you have a timber table consider using cork, linen or patterned place mats. This will add some visual interest to the table setting.

Use some fresh flowers or green foliage placed in simple containers such as recycled glass jars, wine bottles or small bowls. This never fails to add a natural beauty and freshness to the table. Make sure they are not too fragrant as to overpower the senses. It’s ok to mismatch materials if the colours and shapes complement each other.

So that your friends can mingle freely ensure your centrepiece is never above eye level when the guests are sitting at the table.

We love to use Succulents from the garden in small recycled glass jars. They have a wonderful simplicity about them. A friend uses large palm pods lined with banana leaves and filled with nuts, seeds and fruit. It looks amazing!

Add some tea lights or fairy lights and you will have a beautiful casual centre piece. Candles make a decorative statement and create ambient lighting. Try using large church type candles in glass hurricanes. Fill with coloured glass marbles, shells, pebbles or fairy lights.
Remember to be creative and have fun. Following simple styling principles, you can decorate your table in a way that reflects your authentic personality and taste.
If you have any others ideas, we’d would love to hear them.

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