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A lounge suite or sofa is one of the most important, and likely one of the most expensive, items of furniture you will purchase for your home. Accordingly it is vital to buy the right sofa for you.


At Classic Timber, we understand you want to find a lounge suite in just the right colour and in just the right fabric. Furthermore, we know that durability matters. Choosing a piece of furniture that suits your room, while holding up against the wear and tear of your daily life, is the key in finding a sofa that works for you.




You’re likely to live with your new sofa for around 5 to 10 years so it’s important to consider the function of this furniture prior to its aesthetic appeal.


• How many people live in your home?
• Do you have children or pets?
• How heavy do you want your sofa? Will you be moving it?
• What design and colour suits your room?
• What shape suits you?
• Leather or fabric?
• Contemporary or traditional?


Size and Shape


When taking space measurements, take note of the width and height of your door and stairs. Regular sofas range from 6 to 8 feet long and can fit 2 to 3 people comfortably – this type of sofa will fit comfortably in most living rooms and fit through most doorways in your general home. Also make sure you leave enough room to walk around your living room furniture without cramping your space.


Colour and materials


When buying sofas, you will obviously be paying close attention to colour and materials. You have so many options when it comes to sofa materials and colours. Leather and fabric lounge suites are very popular for inside the home and rattan and wicker lounges can make great editions to your outdoor entertainment area. If you want your room to look warm and elegant we certainly recommend a leather or fabric sofa.


Remember, leather is a great choice if you have kids or pets as it is easier to clean than fabric. If you prefer the aesthetics of a fabric sofa, but worry about stains, we offer a fabric seal service for a small surcharge.


Personal preferences


At Classic Timber, we understand that people come in all shapes and sizes. As such we offer a range of sofas with diverse characteristics to suit you. Having a beautiful sofa that complements your home decor is important, but it should also offer you the utmost comfort. You should consider your height and leg length, how stiff or soft you like your cushions and whether you prefer a deep or shallow seat.


For those that prefer to lean back while they lounge we offer a great range of recliner seats and lounge suites with recliner functions.


If you enjoy putting your feet up we suggest you take a look at our stunning collection of leather and fabric ottomans which may compliment your sofa in both appearance and functionality. Finally, don’t forget to also check out our fantastic array of cushions which can be selected to complete any great lounge setup.

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