A bedside can offer more than a place for your lamp to sit, it can be used for practical storage, a spot to place family photos, a good book, or fresh flowers. It can also lift a room, make it feel welcoming and warm. We’ve put together some tips to help you get the most out of your side tables, and help think of them as more than just a practical item of furniture.

Unless you are striving for a balanced feel in your bedroom there is no need to match your bedside to your bedroom furniture. It’s OK to create an asymmetrical look with different tables on each side of the bed, and tie the look together with matching bedside lamps. You can even use odd feature chairs or storage trunks as long as the height is suitable for the bed.


While it’s easy to clutter a bedside, take some time to tidy it when you can. It is very satisfying to style your bedside table to create a welcoming, calm feeling that will greet you whenever you enter the room.


When styling your bedside vary your objects in height, stick with odd numbers of items. It’s a lovely touch to include some fresh flowers, or greenery for an organic feel, and a splash of colour. Make sure your objects harmonise in colour and texture – with each other and the bed linen.

As with all home decorating, styling your bedroom is an important way to express yourself. Have fun and make it special to you. For example, it’s OK to hang a mirror behind the bedside to enhance the light in the room, lean some art work against a wall, or incorporate something quirky like an oversized clock.

Here is a small sample of some bedsides we have on offer at Classic Timber Furniture.

Caprioska – featuring an open black metal base  with a timber top the Caprioska will give a modern stylish feel to your bedroom without looking too heavy. Great for smaller spaces and easily coordinated with other styles of furniture.


Cieto – contemporary lines with a beautiful natural finish on ash timbers gives this bedside a modern edge. A discrete drawer is perfect for storage and you can place a basket underneath for any extra books or magazines. There’s a bed and tall boy available in this suite.


Parisienne – a timber bedside painted white with beautiful ceramic knobs. The Parisienne will add an elegant, timeless and feminine feel. Coordinate with matching furniture or will look stunning with an upholstered bed head.


Stonemill – this bedside is constructed from recycled timber and is one of our most popular ranges. Perfect if your style is eclectic, farmhouse or industrial.


Provence– the Provence is compact, very functional and features an American oak top with a cream painted base. The brass-looking handles are a highlight of this cute little bedside. Perfect for kids rooms or the spare room.


If you would like more information on any of the products displayed, or which bedside table would best fit your home, feel free to contact our friendly customer service team.


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