With the warmer weather starting to coax us outside, it’s the perfect opportunity to get the inside of the house organised and clean. The spring and summer months lead to a lot more going on – entertaining friends and family, nipping in and out on way to something fun, and generally a more active lifestyle. In the midst of all of this the last thing you want to be dealing with is a disorganised or messy house. Here are some of our top tips to make sure you go into the busy time of year with your house at the ready!

Every Nook and Every Cranny


Whether you live in a 1 bedroom apartment, or a 3 bedroom house, a common feeling is that there isn’t enough space. As we get older, and our families expand, the need for space seems to always be a premium concern. While we advocate for not keeping unnecessary clutter around, it is simply reality that the things we own grows with our lives.

With that in mind, it’s important to maximise the space available. There are a number of crafty ways to store extra items in which the casual visitor would never be aware. One of the most obvious to many is ensuring the bed suit you select has under storage. The space underneath a bed is the perfect spot to store winter clothing, linen, or any other out of the way item, creating that fraction more of space within the rest of the home. We love the Lynx Bedroom suite, in addition to under bed storage, it fits some sneaky space in the headboard. You’ll be the only one aware of the items hidden behind wooden panels when showing guests around your house.

Everything in its Place

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Are you guilty of getting home and dropping your keys…Well, anywhere? You wouldn’t be the first, and many of us have a habit of not putting things back when we’re finished. An item here or there isn’t too bad, but clutter can quickly result in items getting shoved in any old spot, and a search party effort required when they need to be found.

If you give every item in your house a home, it has a designated spot where it should be left and found at all times. Simply knowing that an item should be located in a specific space can go a long way to getting in the habit of ensuring everything can be found.

While we can get tricky with hidden storage spaces, even simple solutions can be extremely effective. If you feel like a shelf looks cluttered, fit more and cut out the chaos with a woven basket. We have a number of aesthetically pleasing storage solutions that are shelf ready in store.

Cheap Thrills

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Spring typically comes with the theme of bright colours and pastels. Being able to adjust furniture for the season is a nice thought, but not always realistic. Despite this, finding ways to bring pops of colour into the home during the warmer months is still easy. Pillows can be a fantastic way to lift even the most neutral room into summer mode. You can mix and match colours until you get the perfect combination, and you’ll find guests complimenting you on fun designs and patterns.

Gallery walls are another way to easily lift a room, and our latest article on them gives you an overview of this new trend. Allowing you to feature more than just one or two pieces of art. While wall decorating can blow the budget, it can just as easily be a thrifty way to give a room a face lift. We have a great range of bright prints available in store or online. When trying to mix and match frames, thrift stores can be a great place to pick up some beautiful options at bargain prices.

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